Here some project done in the past and that I really like.

Please note that I always worked with other people, and there is not a single thing actually done by myself alone. I think that work in a team is more interesting and more exciting than work alone.

+++++++++From february 2008 to may 2008 Torino Geodesign|Turin

[designers and documentation coordinator+collaborator for the catalogue]

Work with Stefano Boeri (curator), Lucia Tozzi and Stefano Mirti (executive committee)

I have been one of the designers and documentation coordinator for the project Torino Geodesign.
I have also been a collaborator for the catalogue “Torino Geodesign. Mobilizing the collective intelligence. 48 projects for Turin”. Together with Lucia Tozzi, Adriana Filieri we have written the texst for the section called “projects” in the catalogue.

Geodesign, a project by Turin World Design Capital 2008, is a wide experiment originated from the collaboration between international designers, companies and communities from Turin. The 48 Turin Geodesign Laboratories acted as multipliers of exchange opportunities, collaboration, and condivision of projects and risks between individuals that present different activities, traditions and backgrounds.A collaboration that during a year of meetings and workshops transformed non-standard desires and needs into 48 design objects that – in the exhibition – are classified by typology: interventions in public space, tools for personale use, communication projects.


+++++++from march 2007 to september 2007 Torino Geodesign|Turin [mapping local communities+logistic and organization for the call for proposal+initial workshop logistic]

Work with Stefano Boeri (curator), Lucia Tozzi and Stefano Mirti (executive committee), Michele Bonino (Urban Center Metropolitano), Luca Cianfriglia (The Gate), id-lab (Michele Aquila, Joaquin Gimenez, Cecilia Pirovano).

At the beginning I have took part at Geodesign project when I was working with Id-Lab.

The first phase of the project concerned the mapping of the local communities present in Turin. the term “communities”does not mean only those ethnic communities which have recently settled in Italy.It also refers to communities of practices and interests of Italian and non Italian citizens that maintain solidarity and inner cohesion through a mesh of close and intense cultural, social and family ties. All this first phase of selection of the Turin communities is documented by a booklet. the wiki of the meeting with the communities, and the map are aveilable here.

Booklet PDF Geodesign (16 MB) High Quality Print

++++++++++++++++++++++2006 The treasure islands|Florence

[concept+exhibition design]

Work with Image, iDU, id-lab (Anna Dellanoce, Stefano Mirti,) e Valentina Muscedra

Togethet with Image I took part in the design of the exhibition “Le Isole del Tesoro. Nuove visioni di architettura per la Toscana” (from the 5th to the 21st of December 2006) at the gallery SESV in Florence, Italy. The exhibition is organized by iMage and includes more than 15 projects and 7 videos for an exploration through the territories of contemporary architecture in Tuscany.
It is presents the workshop realized at the Isola d’Elba from the 22nd to the 28th of October 2006.

LCD (Gianni Sinni con Simone Bellini, Salomé Hashemi Varjee)
UNLAB (Andreas Faoro, Francesca Rizzetto)
Music: Lorenzo Brusci

++++++++++2006 Escape from Elba|Isola d’elba (Capoliveri, Rio nell’Elba)

[organization and logistic of the workshop+tutor+wiki-site]

Work with id-lab (Anna Dellanoce, Stefano Mirti, Roberto Pansolli)

one workshop + seven stories

From the 22nd to the 28th of October 2006, I have run a workshop at the Isola d’Elba within the project Isole del Tesoro organized by Image with the support of Regione Toscana and the municipalities of Capoliveri and Rio nell’Elba. 18 participants, students and graduates in architecture coming from all Italy, develop new visions and projects. Forget plans, elevation and sections and get ready to enter in a magic world made of storyboards, scripts, characters and all the other tricks to excite the audience which will listen to our stories. The storyboard is the project. The project exists as storyboard.

here the 7 videos done by the students:

Calamita (andrea, elisabetta, michele)

Requiem (elisa,luca,maria azzurra)

FuneralRave (alberto,alice,giuseppina)

AllInclusive (barbara,francesco,gianluca)

Noir (angela)

ValvolaDiSfogo (francesca,serena)

Heart Beat Pig Meat (federica, lorenzo, manuela, mario)

+++++++++++++++++++++2006 Medialandscape-International Architectural Competition for the Museum of Mediterranean Nuragi and Contemporany Art|Cagliari

[explorations+graphics+illustrations and paging]

Work with mutti&architetti, Yung Ho Chang (Atelier FCJZ), DotDotDot, id-lab, Fabrizio Leoni with Luca Poncellini (Cliostraat), Gianni Romano (Postmedia Books), Atelier Destaque.

Medialandscape is a competition for Betile. All the process starts with a base in Cagliari, a hangar in the seaport, where together with the others developed Medialandscape. This was the place where we worke, where we stay, where we run our various events and activities. An open interface to the local world. A tool to meet new people, to understand better Sardinia, to improve and refine our design ideas. The beginning idea was that the museum is thought as a field base from where to leave and return after having explored different sites spread over Sardinia. The museum is not to become a concentrated representation of a territory but rather expanded coinciding with views around. From this conceptual idea we cross the entire Sardinia and allow the visitors to discover the ties between the territory and the aesthetics of the sites.

I have took part to the exploration of Cagliari area to build maps for the develop of the project. Here the web-site where see the explorations done.

Basecamp, Marina di Sant’Elmo, Calata dei Mercenari, Loc. Su Siccu, Darsena del Sale, Cagliari, Italy.

I have worked in the finaal report lay-out, on the storyboards, on the images to communicate and on the project’s focus.

Here you can find the materials for the qualification phase (cv+waste land)

++++++++++++++++++2006 Faltwerksalon – Salone Gemma|Triest

[concept design+event]

Work with id-lab (Franz Goria, Stefano Mirti, Simone Ricci)+partner Salone Gemma-Faltwersalon (Claudio Farina, Kathrin Villwock)

A map, a mobile to discover Triest. It is launched a new game, a different way to move around Trieste, gazing with other eyes at known places or discovering new ones.Participants are asked to begin their journey from Salone Gemma, armed with curiosity, a city map and their cell-phone. Salone Gemma will then display in real time, creating an archive, images and texts progressively created and sent from the “travelers”, thus building up collective narrations of multiple trajectories. It was suggested five possible routes, from which to swerve, escape and dive into the exploration of the city. The accumulation of text fragments, snapshots, mini videos and sounds shaped a new map of Trieste, filtered through the steps and impressions of a group of urban travelers.

Report of an unusual saturday

Here you can find the presentation of the concept.

+++++++++2006 L.E.D. the mind-Manifesto for the two facades|Milan

[concept+graphic elaboration of the presentation]

Work with id-lab (Massimo Banzi, Giovanni Cannata, Ailadi Cortelletti, Stefano Mirti)

La Stecca is an old factory, a leftover of the industrial past of Milan, in the historical neighborhood called Isola. Bombed in the Second World War it remained empty until the ‘80s. The competition launched by La Stecca arts & crafts challenged participants to make the building change aspect: we therefore focused our proposal on communication. The two facades become elements that invite to take part in what happens inside. They become a game and tell a story through a touch of technology and an interactive approach. Lights, play, community, interaction.

La Stecca Arts&Crafts

+++++++++2006 Libera Università di via Cascia– 4 workshops|Milan

[logistic+organization of the workshop]

Work with id-lab

Libera Università di via Cascia. The workshops. 4+1 worskhops during the Salone del Mobile in Milan, in the new Id-lab space in via Cascia (in Milan). The workshops are completely free, from the 5th to the 8th of april.

5th of april : Cartoline animate (Simone Muscolino and Timothy Heyes Cerchio)
6th of april: RFID tags (Massimo Banzi)
7th of april: Camera gaming (Giovanni Cannata and Anurag Sehgal)
8th of april: Arduino (Massimo Banzi, David Cuartielles, Marcus Hannerstig, Pontus Stalin, Bjorn Wahlstrom)

++++++++++++++++++++2005 World of words-Light poetries|Turin

[concept+graphic elaboration for the presentation]

Work with id-lab (Line Ulrika Christiansen, Stella Colaleo, Gianluca Martino, Stefano Mirti, Simone Muscolino)

The triangular space in front of the Franco Center in Turin has the potential to become a place of gathering. With “World of words” the passerby becomes a poet and can compose his/her verses on the façade of the building. The project functions as the game “Magnetic poetry”, where letters and syllables mounted on tiny magnetic tiles allow the words to be freely composed: you select a word from an interface located in the square; the word appears on the display and you pass on to choose the next word, word after word.

Here it is the presentation

++++++++++++++++++++++++2005 Lampscape|Island

[concept+graphic elaboration of the presentation]

Work with id-lab (Eleni Papadimitriou, Giovanni Iannella,Franz Goria, Haraldur Már Unnarsson, Line Ulrika Christiansen, Massimo Banzi, Simone Muscolino, Stefano Mirti).

Imagine what would happen if you could play with natural light…

What does that mean? Ok, let me explain what we envisioned. So, you have this special film you place on the window. You can buy any size, don’t worry!

+++++++++++++++++++2005 Road to nowhere-europan 8|Bergamo

[concept+graphic elaboration of the presentation]

Work with id-lab (Eleni Papadimitriou,Franz Goria, Massimo Banzi, Simone Muscolino, Stefano Mirti)

Well we know where we’re goin’
But we don’t know where we’ve been
And we know what we’re knowin’
But we can’t say what we’ve seen
And we’re not little children
And we know
A good song by David Byrne when still with the Talking Heads.
A good way to express our feelings about this Bergamo brief.
A good way to start.

A gateway for Bergamo, for Lombardy, for Italy. The area of intervention is next orio al Serio airport, one of the busiest european air routes. The concept is simple. a landscape intervention, a stripe of buildings running from the city to the airport, crossing the new fair, the new railway station all the way to the highway. each building can be considered as a Lego brick. Transparent, hosting a different function:duty free, restaurants, hotels, residences, shops, museums, university.A 5 km walk from the airport to the city. from the airplane and from the hightway you percive a colorful DNA like string. When you get close, you are able to see the various units. Tecnologically the architecture is mixed to visual and interaction design. The facades of each unit is composed by a number of trasparent bricks light by fiber options. The facades become a big pixel display.

Here the three panels


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